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John Deere Tango E5 Autonomous Mower

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The John Deere TANGO E5 Series II is designed to maintain your lawn automatically meaning you can enjoy the more important aspects of life. Designed, innovated and built by John Deere to its highest manufacturing standards, the TANGO E5 Series II autonomous mower sets a new bench mark in lawn maintenance.

Online Sales Policy - It is our policy that all John Deere products are handed over directly to the customer either at one of our 4 retail locations or on site if delivered to you. Delivery can be arranged subject to your location.

This price does not include installation. We can only supply Autonomous Mowers fully installed – please call prior to placing an order.

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If you dont have time for mowing, you'll love the new TANGO Series ll, It's so convenient you'll wonder how you managed without it. It's so discreet, you'll hardly know its there.

Hear the birds and the bees; and the wind in the trees. TANGO is so quiet you can snooze happily while it mows around the garden. You can even use it at night. 

Feel the rain on your skin; and don't worry about putting the mower away. TANGO is weatherproof and perfectly happy to cut in the rain.

Smell the grass not the mower. TANGO is electric, so there are no emissions to worry about. The clippings are recycled into your garden, so there's nothing to dispose of either. 

See the flowers not the mower. Enjoy your garden in all its beauty - TANGO can even mow when you are not around, leaving you to enjoy your garden. 


Easy to admire  - TANGO mows in a random pattern to keep your lawn looking perfect. It detects obstacles and the boundary wire automatically and even adapts to patches of longer grass on the move. A cleanup lap around the entire garden boundary keeps all the edges tidy. 
Easy to Operate

Easy to Operate - The Tango E5 Series ll is smarter than ever. The mower's new driving performace takes it in a forward motion until it reaches the boundary wire, at which point it curves and changes course - even on hilly terrain. 

Easy to programme  - Programming TANGO E5 Series ll is really easy. The big screen and logical controls make it simple to set the schedule and make changes whenever you wish. The new display has a 'next step' features that tells you what TANGO E5 Series ll is doing now and what it plans to do next. 

Quiet  - TANGO is so quiet, it can even mow at night without disturbing anyone. All with a minimum of fuss and noise - and no local emissions at all. 

Easy to depend on  - TANGO is weatherproof, so it's happy to work while you stay snugg and dry indoors. The double casing protects the most important compenents - electronics, battery and motor - for long years of reliable service. The powerful Li-ion battery makes light work of inclines or wet. 

Smart  - TANGO knows when its time to recharge and heads for the docking station automatically. The docking station doesn't have to be on the lawn. As long as it's within reach, it can go almost anywhere. 

Strong  - The special recessed steel blade cuts swiftly and cleanly to keep grass healthy all summer long. It's so durable, it can mow all season without losing its edge. To adjust the cut height (19 - 102mm), simply rotate the protection sheild.
TANGOS's tough blade makes short work of longer grass. No need to pre-mow when the season starts of after you've been away. It's so durable, it stays sharp through the season - even in tough conditions. 

Masters hills  - TANGO makes your garden's slopes and inclines in its stride too. With optional traction kit, it can even master hills up to 36%.

Robust  - Whatever the weather, TANGO never complains. The electronics, Battery and blade are protected by a robust, double walled casing that makes them completely weatherproof. 


Cutting Width 12" (30cm)

Height of Cut 19-102mm

Productivity up to 2200m2

Navigation Random & Spiral, Boundary wire, 150m wire and 150 stakes included

Hill Climb capability (in field) up to 36%

Hill Climb capability (at turning points such as boundary wire) up to 10%

Max boundary wire length 350m

Blade Motor 60w 2600rpm

Drive motors rpm at wheel 40w 40rpm

Cutting System Strong steel blade

Battery Type Li-ion

Battery Capacity 98Wh 2.6Ah

Battery Voltage 25 V

Automatic Charging Yes

Charger Input 120/230V

Charger output 36V

Charging Time 80 min

Mowing Time 90 min (with one battery load)

Weight 15kg

Tilt Sensor Yes

Lift Sensor Yes

Handle Touch Sensor Yes

Individual machine pin code Yes

Paired to individual charging station Yes


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