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Eliet Super Prof Shredder


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Power: 4-Stroke Petrol

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A shredder of this calibre on caterpillar tracks is completely unique. The Eliet Cross Country reaches the highest levels, no spot is safe from this high-performance machine. Furthermore, the machine is highly manoeuvrable. You can operate each track separately, using a pivot-spin rather than a stop-and-go. The Eliet Cross Country also feels at home in rough terrain, including road/track sides and vineyards.


ELIET has developed and patented its own chipping system called the 'Chopping Principle™'. The blades
cut with the wood grain like little hatchets. The garden waste is rendered into small chips in a cycle of
chopping and cutting. As a result, the chips will compost quickly.

The big advantage of this ELIET Chopping principle™ is just how little power is needed to chop the
wood into chips. It's easier to cut wood with the grain, which is why the Chopping principle ™ does it this
way. As a result ELIET shredders get better performances from limited engine power. Which means lower
consumption and less noise. It also means that we can build ELIET shredders that are more compact
and less heavy.

The blade system makes thousands of cuts per minute, also cutting up leafy and wet garden waste without
a problem. That means that ELIET shredders can be used on just about any job.


- compact construction
- low consumption
- reduced noise emission
- low maintenance
- long service life
- suited for all kinds of green waste material
- results into fast composting, uniform chips


Wheel Drive  - Your comfort was the priority that was top of our engineer's minds when they designed the wheel drive. You cannot simply move a shredder weighing 350 kg wherever you want. So the Super Prof is also available self-propelled. Each of the two drive wheels is equipped with a powerful hydraulic motor. If you purchase the self-propelled version, then you will be able to navigate any rugged terrain or slope with the greatest of ease. The swivel caster wheels provide the necessary manoeuvrability for weaving between obstacles in gardens, parks and woods. A handlebar mounted lever allows you to change forward or reverse speeds with a simple flick of the wrist. The further you move the lever forwards or back, the faster the machine moves in the chosen direction.

Robust Frame  - This chipper has an operating life in excess of 2,000 hours. This can only be achieved by guaranteeing optimal quality and durability. A mere look at the welded steel frame of the Super Prof tells all : Then you will immediately understand what ELIET means by this.

Wide in-feed  - A large feed hopper is required to feed the 18 hp engine. The feed-in opening has a small protuberance that acts as a feed table when feeding a bunch of branches into the hopper. The feed-in width (660 mm) only becomes slightly narrower (480 mm) to the chipping width. This prevents the wider branches from becoming jammed in the feed hopper. The steel safety screen protects the operator against flying chippings.

Hydraulic in-feed Roller  - This powerful 50-cm-wide in-feed roller boosts your efficiency to astronomical heights. All you need to do is feed in the wood, the machine itself draws in the wood at a speed of 24 metres per minute. The feeding power leaves even the widest branches no chance whatsoever. Large volumes of branches with a lot of side shoots are mercilessly drawn towards the knives. You can also manually change the direction of rotation of the in-feed roller (forward feed/reverse feed/stop). Going around the feed-in opening, this full wrap around handle is always within reach as a an emergency stop.

Reversible Blades  - The Super Prof 2000 chips all garden waste with a maximum diameter of 12 cm into small pieces. The work is performed by a rotor with 24 razor-sharp blades. These steel blades can be sharpened. When one cutting edge is worn down, the blades can be reversed so that the second new cutting edge can be used.

Eliet Resist(TM) Blades  - The blades that are fitted to the Super Prof are not ordinary steel blades. The Super Prof is designed to operate at least 8 hours a day. The blades have been specially designed so that their blade life matches the workload and duty cycles. A special steel alloy and refined thermal treatment of the cutting edges have resulted in blade life being at least doubled. It is therefore only logical that these blades have been given the name RESIST™.

Rubber Wall Lining  - The rubber covering absorbs the drumming effect produced by the chips on the panels inside the chipping chamber. This ensures that the noise level of the chipper is significantly reduced and will limit noise pollution to the absolute minimum.

Quick Closing Sieve Screen  - Access can be easily gained to the blade shaft in order to perform necessary sharpening or maintenance work. After opening the quick release system, the calibrating sieve around the blade shaft can be easily folded down. The blade shaft is then fully exposed so that the blades can be sharpened without having to remove them from the machine.

Rear Net Flap  - The chippings can often be processed in the garden, so that there is no need to remove them from your garden. In this case, you simply allow the chips to fall on the ground behind the machine. ELIET have invented an extendable flap in the safety net in order to ensure that the pile of chips is as large as possible before the machine is moved. This flap also retains any flying wood chippings that may be thrown up at the discharge.

Electric Start - Simply turn the key... Ready for processing massive volumes. There is no simpler or quicker way of starting.

Well Organised Instrument Panel  - In addition to the start key, a number of new devices have been added to the instrument panel. You will see the standard maintenance counter that not only contains the standard hours run counter, but also a tachometer function and a maintenance alarm. The instrument panel also incorporates an oil level warning light, the ABM system and the choke and throttle controls. This means that the operator only has to monitor one location.

Swivel Caster Wheels  - It must be easy to accurately steer this powerful wood chipper through well-kept gardens. The two castors instantly obey each steering command and ensure that the operator is able to position the machine where he wants it to be.

Parking Break  - The parking brake ensures that the machine remains stable during use. Above all, you can safely transport your pride and joy on your trailer. The parking brake also works as an emergency brake while driving down inclines.


Shreddable timber diameter 130mm

Capacity 6

Blades 24 Eliet ResistTM blades / 8

Infeed coveyor Infeed roller 156mm, height 130mm

Wheel traction ZR


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