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Honda lawn tractors and ride-on mowers are filled with innovative and robust features that maximise cutting and collecting performances while ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable operation. 



The key to good grass collecting performance is a powerful and controlled air flow. Honda has developed Optiflow, a system that combines powerful suction with controlled and low turbulence air flow that reduces power loss, noise and grass accumulation. 

1. Air intake maximised
A standard cutter deck is normally closed and confined, but the Honda engine's power is able to draw in more air when it is open, so there are more holes in the top of the cutter deck to maximise the air intake.

2. Acceleration
Two Fans (fixed onto each rotating blade) draw air through the holes in the top of the cutter deck. The accelerated air is guided by the fan guards unto the ejection canal intake and blows the cut grass into the chute. 

3. Grass ejection
Honda designed a large cone shaped ejection chute, tuned for top performance. This chute removes the risk of clogging and provides top bagging performance in the lawn tractor market. 

4. Grass bag mesh
The larger the grass bag mesh the greater the air flow, thus enabling you to completely fill the grass bag. The Honda grass bag has the largest size mesh on the market, maintaining the continuity of powerful air flow to completely fill the grass bag.


Synchronised blade belt system

There are two kinds of cutter decks: one with asynchronous blades and one with synchronous blades. Cutter decks with asynchronous blades use two independant unsychronised blades that are slightly offset. Cutter decks with synchronous blades use two blades that are synchronised with a timing belt to keep a constant 90 degrees angle. The benefits of a synchronous system are a constant cutting performance to avoid uncut areas, even when turning, and better air flow under the cutter deck resulting in optimised grass collecting and a lower risk of clogging. 


VersamowTM selective mulching system on certain models

With a single lever, Honda's VersamowTM selective mulching system will either collect the grass cuttings into the bag or finely shred and blow them down into the lawn to create a natural fertiliser. If your grass is long or rough, you can mow your garden and collect the grass in one pass. If your grass has grown for a week or it just rained and you wish to keep your garden tidy, you can choose to mulch and then easily fertilise your grass; or you can keep your grass tidy and collect the clippings around your house and then do a rough cut in other areas of the garden. Whatever you decide, you can do so at the puch of a lever, no mulching kit to add, nothing to bolt on. 

Honda-EngineThe Honda Engine

Honda is not only the world's no.1 engine manufacturer, they are also pioneers in premium 4-stoke engines and excel in v-twin engine technology. Reliability, performance and cleaner exhaust gas emissions are the hallmark of Honda engines. 

Each model includes:

  • A decompressor for easy start and restart
  • Better fuel economy and low emissions

‚ÄčIn addition, our professional specification engines are over-head valve (OHV) with additional technology for heavy duty use that include a cast iron cylinder sleeve, bearing set supporting the crankshaft, a high capacity air filter and steel fan cover. 

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