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Top ten tips for December 2020

The temperature’s dropping, the days are getting shorter. But it’s not all doom and gloom. We’re witnessing some splendid autumn colour ­– plus, it’s the perfect time to put your garden to bed and prepare for spring. So, without further ado, here are our top ten tips for December.
1. Craving colour? Try bedding plants
Bedding plants can look great dotted around the garden. Plus, they’re a great source of colour, so why not?
2. Invest in tulips
Put those tulip bulbs in the gr...ound now, and there’ll be a cornucopia come spring.
3. Prune your roses
Do your roses a favour and give them a prune. It’ll prevent wind-rock (damaging winds, especially common in winter) and keep them in tip-top shape.
4. Take care of your tools
Don't forget to get your lawnmower serviced. (Wait until spring, and you may find yourself at the back of the queue.) Get your other tools sharpened, too, such as secateurs and shears.
5. Keep your containers out of harm’s way
Get those containers off the ground and put them on raised feet to prevent water logging. Not only will it help prevent frost damage, your pots will last longer, too – especially if you use bubble wrap.
6. Be careful when lighting bonfires
This one’s simple, but essential: always check for animals before you light a bonfire. Hedgehogs, birds and mice love nothing more than hibernating in piles of wood and leaves during autumn, so always double-check.
7. Weed, trim and cut
Weeding, trimming and cutting now will pay great dividends in the spring. After all, you don’t want to be playing catch-up months later when the garden is going into overdrive.
8. Keep the lawn free of debris
Leaves left on the lawn will encourage disease, so get sweeping ­­– and while you’re at it, net your pond, too.
9. Entice wildlife with bird feed
Put out bird feed in your garden and you can watch wildlife at close quarters ­– much better than telly!
10. Lag your pipework
Last but not least, don’t forget to “lag” your outside taps and pipework by insulating them with foam sleeves. (You don't want leaks in freezing temperatures, trust me.)