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Billy Goat


Those of you who caught our recent Autumn Blower Guide may have had your curiosity piqued by the mention of the Billy Goat leaf vacuums. With over a dozen different machines on offer, the Billy Goat range is sure to have something suitable for gardens of all sizes.

In this guide we’ll be looking at Billy Goat’s smallest machine and two of its mid-sized machines. To view the full range of Billy Goat leaf vacuums please click here.



“Little Billy” LB352LB352

The LB352, usually referred to as the “Little Billy”, is Billy Goat’s entry level vacuum. Designed for smaller gardens it is also perfect for clearing patios, pool areas and tennis courts. The Little Billy weighs in at under 26kg and, at only 20” wide, is easy to move between work areas.

The robust 158cc Briggs & Stratton engine provides ample power and promises continued reliable service.
The 105-litre felt collection bag is harness mounted on top for easy lifting on and off, and is easily attached to the vacuum's collection shoot via a locking strap making the task of emptying the bag simple and quick.


KV650H / KV650SPH

Ideal for either residential and commercial property maintenance, this range of versatile 27” wide lawn and litter vacuums feature variable height adjustment enabling usage on either hard surfaces or turf. The KV650H push model features large 12” tracked tyres for optimum traction while the self-propelled model, the KV650SPH, drives from the rear wheels. enswhichever model you choose operation will also be simple even on hilly terrain.

Both models are powered by the outstanding 187cc Honda GSV190 engine which offers unrivalled power and effortless starting. The generous 1.5 litre fuel tank enables longer runtime thereby reducing your stoppage time and increasing work efficiency.

The 5-blade serrated impeller fan simultaneously enhances suction whilst reducing the volume of leaves in the bag by mulching them before collection. The bag itself is hard bottomed and made from a breathable mesh with an integral dust skirt to keep dust away from the users face for optimum operator comfort. The bottom loading bag uses two easy to open fasteners for simple unloading.


MV650H / MV650SPH

Billy Goat’s MultiVac system has become the benchmark by which all pedestrian litter vacuums will now be measured. By listening to customer feedback Billy Goat have built on the success of the KV range to produce a product that meets the needs of all customers.

Billy Goat started by completely redesigning the bag system. Where the previous models are loaded from the bottom the MV range fill from the top for easier more efficient loading. The bag itself has a volume of over 180 litres and can hold up 22kg of debris. When it comes to emptying the bag there’s no more messing about with zips and clips – the top loading bag simply slides in and out on rails for effortless unloading.

Top Loading Bag Gobbler

Collection capability has been further enhanced by the inclusion of the 29” gobbler door which can be adjusted from the operator’s position for easy switching between work on hard surfaces, turf or hose applications (hose kit sold separately).

Both the MV650H push model and the MV650SPH self-propelled model are powered by the peerless 187cc Honda GSV190 engine and the MV650SPH features a smooth running and durable three-speed transmission which makes prolonged use less strenuous and takes the strain out of working on hilly terrain. The MV650SPH also has the option of an electric start making Honda’s easy start engine even easier to start for hassle free operation.

The MV650 range can handle more than just leaves – the powerful 6-blade serrated impeller makes short work of cans, bottles, grass clippings, seed masts, pine needles and general litter. Ideal for large properties, commercial lots, schools, parks and municipal clean-up jobs.


To quote the manufacturers “this machine gobbles it up like a starved hollow-horned mammal!