The Husqvarna Aspire Range - compact tools for suburban gardens

14th Feb 2023


We are delighted to announce the launch of the brand-new Husqvarna Aspire™ range as your local Authorized Husqvarna Dealer. The Husqvarna Aspire™ range is the perfect portfolio of smart garden equipment that are all lined up and ready to revolutionise the way that you take care of your garden. You won't have to worry about contributing to pollution or noise thanks the POWER FOR ALL allaince, which enables you to swiftly transfer the same battery between all of the tools in the range.

Designed on purpose with the goal of providing efficient use of space and convenient organization. All of the most important gardening chores may be handled with ease using these highly effective, user-friendly, and stylish items.

Compatible with a unique storage solution from Aspire™ , which ensures a small footprint even when the machines are not in use.



The P4A alliance provides you with access to the widest possible range of applications for your house. We are united by the common goal of improving people’s quality of life. This is the cause that guides us, both now and in the years to come.

The concept of developing one of the largest battery systems defined across many brands gives users access to a great variety of applications that may be used in and around their homes. The POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE provides its customers with the ability to use a single battery for a wide variety of tools, including those that are traditionally classified as power or garden tools. This may include things like a vacuum cleaner for the house, a stroller, or cleaning supplies for the outdoor space, for instance. The fact that such a diverse range of companies are represented within the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE lends a hand in elevating the overall appeal. It is possible to save money, time, and storage space by using only one battery for several instruments. Additionally, this results in less hassle when it comes to charging the batteries, which contributes to the protection of the environment. The availability of bare tools for purchase is another benefit for users.

It provides a solid foundation that our users may efficiently build upon in order to transform their living space into the genuine representation of their own home.

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Who is part of the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE?

The fact that this adaptable system may be expanded to include a large number of additional tools is one of the many reasons why the newly formed POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE is so appealing to users.

Beginning in 2023, the battery will be compatible with over 100 distinct devices that were developed in collaboration with 11 separate partners. BSH (cordless household vacuum cleaner), Gloria (outdoor cleaning tools), Wagner (paint sprayer), Rapid (tools and garage equipment), Steinel (tools), and Flymo & now HUSQVARNA are the first joining members of the partnership. Bosch Home and Garden and Gardena are the funding partners from the start.  M ore market-leading partners in the DIY and Gardening industries as well as areas around the user's home, such as mobility, cleaning, household/kitchen, hobby/sports, camping/outdoor, kids/music, etc. will be looked at to join sooner rather than later. 

What tools are available?

You can shop now the full range of Aspire tools below: 

Husqvarna Aspire R4 Automower - Husqvarna Aspire T28 Trimmer - Husqvarna Aspire H50 Hedgetrimmer - Husqvarna Aspire P5 Pole Pruner - Husqvarna Aspire B8X Blower - Husqvarna Aspire LC34 Lawn Mower