Ethanol & its effects in garden machinery

5th Jan 2023

Ethanol is a renewable fuel derived from plants like corn, and is blended with gasoline to create a cleaner burning fuel that lowers emissions. In 2021, the UK government introduced E10 Fuel as the standard fuel available at petrol pumps. Most garden machinery will remain unaffected and will still be compatible to run on the new fuel.


E10 fuel, which contains 10% ethanol, is more environmentally friendly than E5 fuel, which contains 5% ethanol. However, the higher ethanol content makes E10 fuel more susceptible to degradation, as it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. This can cause corrosion, especially in engines with carburetors.

Garden machinery is more likely to be affected by ethanol fuel going bad because it is not used as frequently as other vehicles. This is because garden machinery only requires a small amount of fuel to operate, and it is often more practical to buy fuel in bulk and store it. However, storing fuel for long periods allows it to absorb moisture from the air, which can cause problems. It is recommended that any fuel purchased from the pumps be used within 2-3 weeks. After this, it should be disposed of safely.

In light of this, at MowWithUs we recommend using Aspen, Stihl MotoMix or Husqvarna Power fuel in your machinery, which all come in 2-stroke and 4-stroke versions. This is beneficial for 3 reasons:


  • It is premixed so you do not have to worry about buying your own fuel & mixing if using 2-stroke tools.
  • It has a far greater shelf life so you should not suffer running problems.
  • It runs much cleaner through your machine, potentailly reducing engine problems and servicing costs. 



Visit us in-branch at our Winchester Garden Machinery stores in Winchester (Romsey Road or Fair Lane), Liss or Sunningdale to find out more and purchase pre-mixed fuels designed for your machinery. 


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