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Grillo 38" Climber 10AWD27

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Grillo 60

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Power: Petrol


Grillo Climber 10 AWD 27 is a truly unique hydrostatic brush-cutter. The permanent 4WD system combined with the 27 HP powerful engine (22 HP net power) offer brilliant performances on severe slopes and low-adherence grounds. Remarkably efficient on high grass and up to 2,5 cm diametre shrubs, this machine is ideal for both agricultural and professional use. Its compact dimension has been designed to boost its performance on slopes and the Kanzaki hydrostatic transmission with differential lock on the rear wheels allow the operator to work with maximum safety, reliability and unmatched stability under any working condition. 

The cutting height is adjusted via a soft and comfortable lever. The cutting deck stops in the chosen position when the lever is released. Blades are engaged via an electric switch located near to the steering wheel. The electromagnetic clutch is fitted with a blade brake. The single-blade cutting deck has a working width of 98 cm, the progressive and assisted cutting height ranges from a minimum of 3,5 cm to a maximum of 13,5 cm. This 10 cm range allows the operator to easily negotiate kerbs and obstacles and allows them to work on uneven grounds. 

The blade is made of special steel and has a low-noise profile, the double-cutting tips are retractable in case of impact and can be turned around when one side is worn out. 
The whole structure of the cutting deck is very robust and remarkably resistant to impacts with stones. The large diametre blade shaft and cutting transmission guarantee reliability even under the most demanding conditions and for many hours in total safety.
The cutting deck has two side protection baffles that can be raised to make maintenance and cleaning easier.
The twin-cylinder, four stroke petrol engine has a 22 HP net power. It is fitted with a cyclonic professional air filter especially suitable for dusty environments and very easy to access for routine cleaning. The low-emission silencer is made of stainless steel. The fuel tank has a capacity of 13 litres and is equipped with a large filler for easier refuelling and a built-in fuel indicator on the cap.

The permanent four-wheel drive transmission is composed of two hydrostatic axles. The rear hydrostatic axle is equipped with differential lock via pedal, which proves to be exceptionally useful on severe slopes and low-adherence grounds. 
Larger TRACTOR wheels are fitted to achieve more adherence and greater comfort on irregular ground.  The front wheel axle steers and tilts and it is equipped with a hydraulic system that combined with the differential on the rear axle ensures permanent drive on all four wheels to prevent the wheels from skidding even in the tightest turns. Thanks to the four-wheel drive the operator can stop on slopes just by using the forward lever and can engage reverse in total safety with no wheel skidding.
The hydrostatic motors on the front axle are protected by an anti-shock steel plate.

The Climber 10 is equipped with major stainless steel hydraulic pipes connecting the two hydraulic axles. Together with a cooling fan placed on the rear axle, they keep the hydraulic oil working pressure low to guarantee high performances even under the most demanding working conditions. TRACTOR wheels ensure adherence on irrgular grounds. In addition front wheels are puncture-proof.  Transfers with Climber 10 are faster thanks to its speed of 9 km/h. In the case of very irregular conditions, the cutting deck can be raised up to 13,5 cm from the ground. The roll-bar can be tilted in a couple of seconds to allow working underneath foliage. The roll-bar can be either raised or lowered via two levers, no other tools are required. 

Climber 10 is equipped with a seat whose suspension can be adjusted according to the operator's weight. In addition the whole seat support is fitted with twin shock-absorbers to ensure greater comfort even after a long working day. Controls are comfortable, the forward control lever enables the operator to choose the exact ground speed. When operating the brake pedal, the rear axle is braked and the forward lever comes back automatically to its stop position. On the upper par of the cutting deck there is a baffle, that if positioned, inside the cutting deck, evenly distributes the grass onto the lawn. The rotating beacon can be mounted on the roll-bar and is then connected to the 12V plug.  

Each single component, from the simplest to the most complex, is of high quality. Frame, handlebar, cutting deck, are all designed and built by Grillo using exclusively premium materials and modern technology to ensure 100% controlled, high quality.  Painting of Grillo machines incorporates a double electrostatic powder coating process. At the first stage are the washing baths and preparation, then a first protective coat is applied which is then baked in a special oven, this has proven to be the best base for the application of the finish. The second coat consists of powder coating and still further baking in an oven at 190°C, this then produces the characteristic hardness and shine. Assembling operations of Climber 10 AWD 27 are carried out meticulously by specialist staff.
It then undergoes a rigorous final test with its engine running to ensure that all of its functions work properly.

Like all Grillo products, Climber 10 AWD 27 has been designed and built to last and retain its value over many years. All Grillo machines are distributed and serviced by a widespread dealer network. Spare parts are quickly available even for 30-year-old machines.  


Briggs & Stratton Series 8270 Commercial
Start electric, with 12 V battery
Displacement 724 cc, 2 Cylinders
Power 22 HP (16.2 kW)
Air cooled
Dry air filter with interchangeable filter cartridges

Fuel tank capacity 13 L

Gearbox 4-wheel-drive hydrostatic transmission.

Clutch Electromagnetic clutch with P.T.O and blade brake.

Cutter deck side and rear discharge

Cutting configuration 1 rotating blade

Cutting width 98 cm

Cutting height From 35 mm to 135 mm with continuous adjustment.

Peripheral blade speed 87 m/1"

Differential locking On the rear axle, with pedal engagement.

Front tyres 16x6.50-8 tractor. With anti-puncture treatment as standard feature.

Rear tyres 20×10.00-8 TRACTOR

Speed Continuously variable from 0 to 9 km/h + reverse speed from 0 to 8 km/h

Inner turning radius 70 cm

Seat With weight-adjustable suspension, equipped with roll-bar

Parking brake On the rear wheels with lever engagement.

Mowing capacity per hour (indicative) 7500 m^2/h

Weight 383 kg




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