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Ego Mowers - New for 2019

EGO Power+ – New For 2019!


Regular customers and readers of our blogs will know that we are very much enamoured with EGO’s range of cordless tools and mowers. As you would expect, we got very excited when EGO announced their new product range for 2019. We were fortunate enough to have an opportunity to play with EGO’s two new mowers just before Christmas and we have been eagerly awaiting their arrival ever since.

Now, finally, we are very pleased to announce that both new mowers have arrived and are ready to purchase online at MowWithUs or from your nearest branch of Winchester Garden Machinery.

Previous mower ranges from EGO have been aimed at the medium to large garden owners and have continually exceeded customer expectations. Unfortunately, customers looking for a smaller, lighter (and let’s face it, cheaper) mower have been left wanting – that is up until now!

Without further ado lets have a look at the new 42cm Push and the new 47cm Variable Speed mowers from EGO Power+


LM1701E (42cm Push Mower)           LM1903E-SP (47cm Variable Speed Mower)


The new 1701E and 1903E-SP model mowers are simple yet elegant, lightweight yet powerful, boasting a range of sophisticated yet intuitive features incorporated within a robust, ergonomic design.

Weighing in at just under 25kg the 17001E is easily manoeuvrable and can be carried with little effort – ideal for those situations where you need to move the mower between your front and back lawns. The vertical storage function which has become a staple feature on EGO mowers is included on both new machines and this allows you to store your mower easily without taking up valuable floor space in your shed or garage.

The 1701E is sold as a kit with a standard charger and a 2.5 Ah battery which allows the mower to cut up to 400mon a single charge making it the perfect choice for smaller gardens however, the run time can be dramatically increased when used with a larger battery (please see our Run-Time pages for more information).


LM1903E 3

For those looking for something with a bit more “oomph” we also have the new 1903E-SP models. Offering a wider cut (fewer trips up and down the lawn!) and a highly advantageous variable speed drive system; this machine allows you get more work done more quickly giving you more time to spend enjoying your freshly mown lawn. Weighing a mere 2kg more than it’s smaller sibling the 1903E-SP model is equally viable for customers looking for a lightweight machine.

The variable speed system is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to change between 10 speeds from 2.2 – 5.0 km/h without ever having to release the handlebars. This means you can bring the speed right down to aid manoeuvrability in the more intricate areas of your lawn and then let the machine fly when you’re back on the open straights.

The 1903E-SP models all come with a rapid charger (the industry’s fastest!) and a 5.0Ah battery which will allow you to mow up to 600m2 on a single charge. This machine, much like the 1701E is designed for small to medium sized lawns however with an additional battery either machine can be made to work that little bit harder making these equally viable options for owners of large gardens who are perhaps looking for a smaller, lighter machine.


Both models are powered by a high torque, high-efficiency brushless motor ensuring that your machine will operate equally efficiently in all conditions – dry or wet, long or short and (with the LED headlights) even day or night! Brushless induction motors offer increased longevity as there are no brushes to wear down as there would be with a brushed motor (not as obvious as it might sound!) ensuring that your mower operates as efficiently in 5 years’ time as it did the first time you used it!

The fan motor and blade have been designed to work in unison to deliver outstanding grass collection capability. Both the new models come with EGO’s capacious, improved collection bag which can hold up to 55 litres of compacted grass clippings. The canvas frame allows for increased airflow thereby aiding collection whilst the hard-plastic top helps the bag retain rigidity making the bag easier to carry and empty and the indicator tab lets you know when the bag is full.

For those looking to save even more time or perhaps just wanting to put some nutrients back into the lawn an optional mulch kit will also be available offering even more versatility to these handy little mowers.


LM1701E 6

EGO Lawnmower


For many people, the relatively high initial cost of purchasing a battery mower has been prohibitive however at only £399 for the LM1701E and only £499 for the LM1903E-SP with batteries and chargers included you can pick yourself up a piece of cutting edge (pun-intentional) technology that won’t break the bank. Combine this with a running cost of mere pennies and a service cost of virtually zero the new range of EGO mowers will be as kind to your wallet as they are on the environment.

For more information please see the EGO brand pages on our website. Alternatively, you can give our sales team a call or pop into your nearest showroom to have a chat with one of our agents.