Extend your STIHL Warranty on professional tools with a STIHL Smart Connector

30th Jun 2023

Protect your tools for a longer period with an Extended Warranty from STIHL. 

STIHL is excited to tell Professional users about a new deal that gives them a longer guarantee. You'll get an extra year of insurance coverage when you buy a qualified petrol tool or an AP System tool with a STIHL Smart Connector. That means you are covered for up to 3 years with your STIHL tools.

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What is the STIHL Smart Connector?

The STIHL Smart Connector is a small gadget that lets you connect your STIHL tool to another one. It keeps track of how you use your tool and tells you important things like when it needs to be serviced and how long it will run.

The STIHL Smart Connector is easy to set up and use. Before you can use the STIHL Connected App, you need to make an account on iOS or Google Play. Then open the app and prepare your gadgets. You'll be asked to choose which product you want to link to. By reading the QR code on some of STIHL's newer goods, you can link them together. If there is no QR code, you have to type in the model and serial number by hand. Now you have to connect your tool to the STIHL Smart Connector. Again, most new STIHL tools will have a video in the app that shows how to do this that is special to that model. If there isn't a video, the Smart Connector needs to be placed wherever the sensor can find an electrical current. At this point, your item should be set up in the app.

The STIHL Smart Connector is a great way to get the most out of your STIHL tools and keep your investment safe. With the extended security and the STIHL Smart Connector, you can be sure that if there are any problems with how your tools were made, they will be covered for years to come.

Which tools are included?

The following petrol tools are included in the promotion:

  • MS 241 C-M and above including top-handle chainsaws. 
  • MS 271 and above
  • Brushcutters & Kombi Motors from FS91/KM94 & above
  • Hedgetrimmers & long-reach hedgetrimmers from HS46 & above
  • Handheld & backpack blowers, vacumm shredders & SR450 Mistblower
  • Professional lawnmowers including RM4 RTP, RM655S, RM7 series

The following AP System tools are included in the promotion:

  • All AP battery chainsaws
  • All AP battery pole pruners
  • All AP brushcutters and Kombi Motors
  • All AP hedge trimmers
  • All AP Blowers
  • All AP Lawn Mowers

Please see below for a full breakdown of the included tools. Please search for the product you are after in our search bar. 

How do I get the extended warranty?

To get the longer warranty, you just need to buy a tool that fits and a STIHL Smart Connector from us at MowWithUs.com. We'll register your tool and Smart Connector with STIHL. This will give you an extra year of coverage. The STIHL Smart Connector will be mentioned as a "additional product" on the page for each product. This makes it easy for you to see on our website if a product is qualified for the warranty extension.

This deal is only for people who are buying for their business.

If you want to know more, please get in touch with us.

What can I see on the STIHL Connected App?

On the site, there is a dashboard that shows things like work times, machine productivity, running time, the last place a product was, when maintenance and repairs are due, and the state of tools.

For more information on STIHL Connected, please see below: 

Full List of included tools (Click to shop):